Service Guide

Guide to Periodic Maintenance Service

To our valued Mitsubishi Customer, this is your guide to Mitsubishi Motors Service Plus Periodic Maintenance Service or PMS. The table below indicates the type of service classification that will be done on your vehicle at certain kilometer readings.
It is highly recommended that you bring your vehicle regularly to authorized servicing dealers for a periodic maintenance check-up to ensure that the proper work required is done.
To ensure your vehicle stays within the warranty coverage, you should have your vehicle checked only at our authorized service centers. Complying with the regular periodic check-up is more economical in the long run and prevents early breakdown, thereby extending the life of your vehicle.

FIRST PMS 1,000 km. Free Labor Cost
LIGHT PMS 5, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 x 1,000 km. or every 3 months FREE Labor Cost for 5,000 km.
REGULAR PMS 10, 30, 50, 70, 90 x 1,000 km. or every 6 months
HEAVY PMS 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 x 1,000 km. or every 12 months

Operations inside the vehicle
Check operation of all lights (headlamps, turn signals, brake lamps, reverse, and cabin lights).
Check operation of horn, power side mirrors and windows, A/C and other dashboard switches.
Check A/C cooling and performance.
If equipped, clean A/C cabin filter and replace every 25,000 km. Clean evaporator if not equipped with A/C cabin filter and recommend using one for models with dealer option.
Check wiper blade condition, wiper and washer spray operation.
Check/adjust brake and clutch pedal free-play and parking brake level stroke.
Reset PMS reminder (for models equipped).
Operations inside the engine compartment
Check battery fluid level and health using battery tester.
Check engine coolant level in reservoir and change every 40,000 km (every 100,000 km for the ASX, Mirage, and Mirage G4).
Check radiator cap sticker if intact. Replace if damaged.
Clean air cleaner element every 5,000 km and replace on the 25th thousand (25,000) km and every 20,000 km thereafter (45,000; 65,000; etc).
Check fluid level in brake, clutch, and power steering reservoir every 5,000 km and change every 40,000 km.
Check drive belts for cracks, fraying, and wear. Adjust tension as needed.
Check condition of intake air, radiator hoses (connection of clamps), turbocharger, and vacuum pump.
Check/adjust valve clearance (except for vehicles with auto-lash adjusters).
Replace timing belt (including timing belt B for 4D56 engine) every 60,000 to 80,000 km (recommended).
Check and clean EDR system, EGR valve, and intake manifold every 15,000 km.
Check operation crankcase emission control system every 40,000 km.
Replace spark plugs every 20,000 km, if standard, and every 100,000 km, if iridium.
Replace fuel filter.
Operations under the vehicle
Replace oil filter and engine oil every 5,000 km, if mineral, and 10,000 km, if synthetic.
Change transmission (including in transfer case) and front and rear differential fluids every 30,000 km.
Check drive shaft and steering linkage condition and connections (including seals and boots).
Check suspension system including ball joints and dust cover for damage, looseness, and play. Lubricate grease fittings if applicable.
Check and lubricate propeller shaft components with grease fitting.
Check exhaust system for leaks.
Check front and rear wheel bearings for play and repack bearings every 30,000 km (if applicable).
Check brake/fuel hoses and pipes (and clamps) for leakage or deterioration.
Check engine, transmission, and front and rear axle housings for any sign of coolant or oil leak.
Check brake discs and pads, including shoe linings and drums (drum-in-disc), for wear.
Operations after engine warm-up
Check engine idling speed.
Check common rail engine (small injection quantity learning).
Check condition of tires (foreign object presence, pressure, and wear and depth).
Rotate tires and reset Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Note: Follow rotation pattern specified for each tire type.
Check wheel alignment (starting at 15,000 km).
Conduct road tests as needed.
Overhaul brake caliper kit (for disc brakes) every 25,000 km.
Perform annual anti-rust inspection.